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Come Get Lifted, we're going in...


Kruse & Nuernberg, Nathalie Claude (Mario Basanov Remix) // Leaves Falling ||

Juliet Fox // If You Feel ||

Giom (Orig. Mix) // Never Forget ||

Sebo K // It's Alright ||

Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham // Mama ||

Jon Cutler (Richard Earnshaw Re-Beat Edit) // I'll Take You There ||

Giovanni Ikome, Frankie Foncett (The Hardbody Mix) // The Deep Spot ||

Homero Espinosa, Yogi (Random Soul) // Give It To Me ||

Akabu, Alex Mills (Giom Remix) // Everybody Wants Something ||

Oliver $ & Jimi Jules // Pushing On ||

Da Sunlounge, Sara Z (Da Sunlounge Dub) // Been Here From The Start ||


By Lady Duracell, Jul 26 2011 03:51PM

After a short hiatus in July, Madhouse is back stronger than ever with another killer 4-track EP from the main man himself Mr Kerri Chandler. Kerri is currently flying all over the world with a very busy DJ gig schedule, including a residency with Circoloco in Ibiza, as well as festivals in Belgium, Croatia, and even Scotland!

The Intermezzo EP kicks off with ‘We Are Here’, which could be easily described as “Get Out Part 2”. A spoken word vocal over Kerri’s trademark beats and instrumentation, musing on the subject of a busy schedule and “always available” technology.

‘So It Begins Again’ takes things down a much more tribal road, perfect for a big room, and the DC10 mix is a nod towards the direction Kerri had in mind and the dancefloors he created this track for. The Dark Mix takes this idea even further with a more progressive feel as the track plays out.

‘Red Lights’ explores a more live drum feel with a cut-up breakbeat playing a 4/4 rhythm, and a throbbing bassline and synth pattern. This one’s a little deeper but still packs plenty of punch!

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Trust me when I say that all the tracks from this forthcoming EP are pure fire! I played both "Red Lights" and "We Are Here" on last Friday's Get Lifted Radio Show on PushFM. 'We Are Here" in particular hit the right note with me, feels like a follow-up to "Get Out" which I'm all over like a rash. Thanks Kerri, house music lovers all around the globe salute you.

This is OUR house, & OUR house music.

LD x

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