By Lady Duracell, Jan 31 2017 02:16PM

This year, we're introducing the monthly guest DJ mix feature to the Get Lifted podcast. DJ's Older and Wiser have dropped us a great mix to share with you. Check out what they're all about, on The guest mixes will have their own dedicated player in one great playlist. Here.

The guest mixes will be up for a limited time, so grab them fast. We've got some seriously dope guest mixes lined up for you at the end of every month, so make sure you keep it locked.. Get Lifted!


Danism - Arnold Jarvis - Reciprocated Love

IDQ - (Martijn Ten Velden Remix) - Your Soul

Lumoon & Robin - (Miguel Migs Salted Dub) - La Papaye

Igor Gonya - Alex Moiss - (Jakoblin & Domino Remix) - Nasty Beats

Austin Ato - Feel it

S-Man - Harry Romero - Melisa Whickey - Searching

Evo Rst - Matty Dee - Robert Owens - Recovered

Audiojack - (Original Mix) - Turya

Noelle - (Original Mix) - Everything

Dennis Ferrer - Sagine - (DF’s Bubble Wrapped Mix) - Bubbletop

Ron Carroll - (Tobi Kramer Remix) - The Sermon


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By Lady Duracell, Jul 30 2015 03:37PM

This week we have a brand new guest mix from our Get Lifted residents, DJs OlderAndWiser!

These guys know good house music when they hear it, so take a listen.

Please note; all guest mixes are hosted on Podomatic & iTunes for a limited time, usually until just before the next Get Lifted mix, after that they will be hosted on our Mixcloud page.

Download, press play & Get Lifted!


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