Get Lifted 113 - fresh mix from Lady Duracell

By Lady Duracell, Apr 14 2014 09:57AM


Here it is, Get Lifted 113 & it's another mix to get you up & moving.

Anyone that loves house music, knows that Frankie Knuckles was known as the Godfather of House and we were all sad to hear of his untimely passing. If it wasn't for FK, there would be no Get Lifted! His legacy, the music will live on. RIP Frankie Knuckles 1955-2014.

Nteeze & Andy // The Melody ||

SKMK // Giving Up On You ||

Debra Debs (Reel People Remix) // Fizzy Lemonade ||

Mannix feat. Rainy Payne (REDJ Remix) // Breathless ||

Dario D'Attis (Orig. Mix) // The Good Old Days ||

Gianni Bini (Orig. Mix) // The Dance ||

Adam Rios feat. Koffee (Orig. Mix) // Welcome To My Club ||

Joeski, Tete de la Course // The Preacher Man ||

Pete Griffiths feat. Cevin Fisher // Chicago ||

Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle // Your love (Directors Cut Signature Mix)

The Sounds of Blackness (Frankie Knuckles Classic Mix) // The Pressure ||


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