Get Lifted 109 - Finally, this mix has a full release from DJ Lady Duracell

By Lady Duracell, Sep 20 2016 08:57AM

So, after several years of waiting, this mix can finally be released as a download. Thank you for your patience! Get Lifted 109 is a tribute mix to Nelson Mandela & his work with Make Poverty History. This mix by Lady Duracell, takes you for a journey through deep afro house music, that will elevate your mind and lift your soul.

RIP Nelson Mandela.


I will never forget the great things he achieved, and his inspirational speeches...


Culoe de Song feat Fatima // Dragons End ||

Kojo Akusa (Monocles & Slezz Jungle Mix) // Hey ||

Kentophonik (DJ Rork Remix) // Sunday Showers ||

Rune (Original Conga Mix) // Roots ||

Tylo // In The Ghetto ||

Symphonic (Main Mix) // Soul Afrique ||

Marasco (Original Mix) // Cloudy ||

Monotone, Ruby Gold (Vincemo Hang Sessions) // Invitation To Dance ||

Marlon D feat. Boddhi Satva // Power of The Drum ||

Ancestral Deep (Spirit Mix) // Dying Soul ||

Sheyi // Drum Diasporia ||

Black Motion feat Mash // Africa Chipembe ||

Black Motion feat Jah Rich (Real Clap) // Banane Mavoko ||

Invaders of Afrika (Original) // Walk The Dance ||

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