DJ K-Smoov

“Well known as the selector of idyllic, funky, and melodic rhythms complimented by distinct percussive elements to drive home the message that music is the answer.”

This is how Ken Schenk Jr. a.k.a. DJ K-Smoov describes himself as a DJ. Hailing from the “City of Brotherly Love” Philadelphia, PA., his passion for music came at a very young age. As a teeneager having learned the drums during his free time after school Ken ultimately joined the Jazz band, Marching band, and Orchestra which really set off his desire to pursue music to a higher degree. His pursuit lead him to the University of Central Florida where he would play in several different bands. On one particular night his band opened at a nightclub that also had a DJ playing House music. This was Ken’s first time experiencing House music and he still describes it to this day as “mesmerizing” which prompted him to trade in his drum kit the following day for a set of turntables and a mixer.

Since then Ken has pursued the art of the DJ honing his skills at many House parties, warehouse events, private events, and nightclubs spanning from Florida’s East coast, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey,, Washington, DC. as well as a few events at top places in Cancun, Mexico. Ken makes every attempt to connect with his audience no matter where he is asked to perform. His ability to make one on one connections with each and every listener regardless of where they’re from is a skill that has taken him many years to perfect. This is one of the top aspects of his skills he continues to perfect just as much as his knowledge of musical selections. Currently Ken has ventured into music production, and is exclusive to We Get Lifted Radio.

“I am always working hard to continue to grow as a DJ. Doing so transcends the art of mixing two tracks together. It requires knowledge, hard work, loving life, living life to the fullest, and embracing the great things the world has to offer. No matter where I am I will always remember “music is the answer.”

"Ken has got this great spirit, and it definately comes through into his mixes!" ~LD



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